Thoughts on my olymic live streaming experience.

So while writing down my thoughts for this post on the linkblog, I thought I’d expand them here. Basically what I wrote there is that authentication on the site was a major accessibility failure, (like, I’ve haven’t seen such an epic fail in a long time!) and the live extra app kept losing it’s authentication every time I wanted to use it. Not only that, but lack of commentary is actually a big problem for me, and ads every 2-3 minutes are not nice. There were times where I’d get Spanish streams, and didn’t have control of the app, so couldn’t fix that, which was weird because I had control of everything else. OK, so I can list the problems with NBC’s coverage, we can all list them. First, tape delay. It’s a huge problem when you have to stay up until 1:30 in the morming just to see something you want to see because it didn’t make the primetime cut. Not only that, I’ve pretty much had to take it easy on Twitter because even setting up a lot of filters hasn’t worked all that well, seriously guys, take it easy with the tweeting for the next couple weeks! Second, way, way, way too many commercials! Come on, cut back a bit on the commercials… OK? Overall, I think they’ve done a good job at reducing the amount of story from past Olympics, I think a bit of story is OK, but it’s all about finding the balance. I like to see live events when it comes to competition, and the more you interfere with that, the worse off you are. I think a bit of history is necessary, but we don’t nee to expand on things for 5 whole minutes while the event is still going on, a minute or 2 is definitely enough.

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