30 day challenge update.

I did 14 minutes on the elliptical yesterday. This happened because I set the phone timer for 12 minutes, but took a bit too long to get on. I ended up canceling the timer and thought it was going to be reset automatically, but it wasn’t. By the time I got off to see how much time had elapsed, it had been 14 minutes already! I’ve been doing 12 for the past couple days or so, but I’ve had headaches over the weekend. I only managed like 10 pushups on Saturday, I was able to do 20 Sunday. I accidentally forgot to get on Monday, so had to do pushups then too, as I really didn’t want to get on at 12:30 in the morning. I started with the 12 minutes last Thursday. I’m behind schedule with my podcast episodes right now. I broke the original for last week’s demonstration while trying to edit it, (and I’m the one that always tells everyone to save the originals first!) I tried to record an episode last night, but on the fourth take, the smoke alarm from across the way went off, and by the time that happened it was 7:15 and I didn’t have time to do another take.

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