Thursday Lister: birthday edition!

I turn 33 today, so naturally, I thought I’d make a list about it.

  1. I did absolutely nothing today, and I feel fine about the whole thing!
  2. I ordered Chinese food yesterday, as a result, I have a whole bunch of leftovers!
  3. Melissa got me the same exact cake she got me last year, but Safeway says they may not have them next year. It’s an absolutely epic chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting!
  4. I have wine, so I’m going to get loopy tonight. However, I won’t be doing this thing until around 10:00 though.
  5. I’m going to get my haircut tomorrow, I definitely need one!
  6. I’ll be ordering my new system at the beginning of next month, about 3 days after I pay my rent. I have birthday money from my parents that I have yet to put in the bank, and I don’t want it to get processed out with my rent check, so that’s why I’m waiting.

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