Thursday Lister: the “does this really have to happen now?” edition.

Lol, I have 3 things on the list that I really, really didn’t want to happen this week and next!

  1. The first thing happened Sunday night. I had my AC running, and I was sitting here checking email and Twitter. All of a sudden, I heard a really loud vibrating sound, (the kind of sound you hear when something goes wrong, or almost the kind of sound that a chainsaw makes.) I thought it was my AC for a few minutes, until I realized these things were separate, and quickly turned it off. I then made the quick discovery that the sound was coming from the tower sitting in the container next to me, (my computer sits in a very small container that I call “the torture chamber, and the cables are threaded through a hole behind the desk.) I knew that this was most definitely the sound of fan failure, as I’ve heard other systems that eventually have fan failure or overheat make this sound. I shut the system down and didn’t boot it again until the next day, when I did, everything seemed fine. Thing is, when I get my new desktop, I’m donating this one to a friend of mine, (if she wants it,) I’ll definitely ask Melissa to give it a good cleaning, both inside and out, before we send it off.
  2. I spent Tuesday night recording my podcast. I think the 3rd or 4th take was OK, but I said a few things in it that I wanted to cut out. I tried doing this with Audacity, but when I got to the point where I’d select something, it wouldn’t let me play it. I downloaded a couple more audio editors and tried them, both with the same result. I decided that I’d just delete it and record another take the next morning. I did that and it went perfectly fine! However, when I went to upload it, my host wouldn’t update the page or the feed for some reason. I just checked the feed, and it’s still not updated! I’m going to have to move to a different host in the next month or so, (after my system upgrade!) but until I do that, the podcast is on hold for now.
  3. Labor day! The banks aren’t open on Labor day! I need to put birthday checks in the bank. I guess I’ll be doing that tomorrow, along with paying rent. The good news is that my rent most likely won’t process until the 6th, giving me time to make my big purchase!
  4. The same friend who’s thinking about taking this computer is possibly coming to visit me in November! She lives in Washington, so we haven’t met yet.
  5. Last night I posted on that I’m canceling Linkday. I’m still not sleeping all that well some nights, and waking up with a lot of headaches. I have a neurology appointment on the 26th, so hopefully that will take care of those. I’m just not quite ready to stay up for 24 hours, since I’ve done that a lot this summer.

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