Major problems with HP.

I called HP today to figure out why I never got a confirmation email for the computer I ordered last Friday. I talked to a floor representative from the shopping customer service team, and a lady who said she was a supervisor. Both of them said they had absolutely no record of an order placed on September 2nd, 2016, in the amount of $1238 through PayPal. They also asked me if I hit “confirm” on the order after it was placed at PayPal, and I said yes, because I remember being taken to the receipt page that you see after you place an order. The fact that I never received a confirmation from HP was strange though, as they said I’d be getting one. I did get a PayPal receipt. The supervisor advised me to file a dispute with PayPal. I asked if she’d send me an email that stated something to the effect of “we’ve checked, and cannot find any sort of record of this purchase,” so as to provide evidence for the dispute case. She said she would, but never did. I did get a survey from HP however, that I took when I came back from WalMart, so I know it isn’t a problem with my email. After receiving advice from people on Facebook, and reading the documentation on payPal’s site, I decided to call them. I could tell the agent was overseas, but I was able to understand him, and unlike the first HP floor rep, he didn’t have a hard time hearing me. He asked me if I wanted to continue with the order, and I said yes. He was able to send an email to the HP PayPal accounts manager, and ask them to process the order. Apparently, some of the floor representatives don’t have access to orders paid through PayPal, but the financial officers and accounts manager do. He said that I should be getting a confirmation from HP within 24-48 hours

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