ThursdayLister: events of the past few days.

This will probably be a fairly short list, because I’m in a hurry!

  1. I got my big check on Monday! It was promptly deposited in the bank.
  2. I also got my external hard drive that day. When Melissa was cooking, the smoke detector went off, (because it’s extremely sensative, not because she was burning anything!) and the UPS guy came to the door at the exact same time!
  3. I had an inspection on Tuesday. This was an extremely short one. She basically tested the smoke alarm, and checked a few lights. That was it!
  4. I attended Melissa’s wedding reception last night. I wasn’t able to go to the ceremony, but the reception was a lot of fun, and I even had some video recorded and pictures taken, (which I can’t post until I get their permission, and they’re on their honeymoon right now!)
  5. I was able to do some file transfers today. I did about half of them. I have 23 GB of music so it took a long time to copy to the external drive. I’ll probably do the rest tomorrow.

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