Things have happened here the past week.

I got sick last weekend. Melissa was sick, (she still is,) and I just happened to get a cold, (which isn’t what she had.) I had my home care assessment on the 6th. I really hate having these things! While my caseworker was here she said I was over the $2000 limit according to the state resource policy. Last year, I was told that policy didn’t affect me, because well… I’m on DAC. I asked her to send the policy when she left here, and she sent it the next day. I wasn’t sure what program I was under so I had to look that up. It didn’t mention DAC anywhere and only mentioned SSI so that didn’t make any sense to me, (DAC is the benefit I qualified for after my dad started collecting retirement, and it’s what allowed me to receive the increase.) My caseworker contacted another caseworker who was working with me last year, and she said she could subtract my income from my resources, (which makes no sense because I didn’t see that anywhere, but I guess it’s policy for their office… um OK…) Basically I’ve had to dig around in this state policy network of documents, (and it’s a huge network one document has like 30 links to other documents!) and deal with this while sick. I did get my computer today, (woohoo!) This has been a very interesting day though! OK, so first the cable I had for my monitor wouldn’t fit in the place for it in my tower so I needed to go get an adaptor for it. Lol yay Since Melissa and I weren’t sure which cable I needed, and her husband knows all about those things, she sent him pictures. That was one unexpected trip to the store, and $40 later. Now I need to solve fading sound, and curious incidents of latenight overrotating, which I’m attributing to the torture chamber. Oh yeah, and disappearing backblaze, which is strange because I did install it! All that and uninstalling MCAfee which I unfortunately subscribed myself to on accident when Melissa did the warranty registration thingy. Besides that, everythings going fine. I’m trying to remind myself that right now, we’re in the “it’s all foreign” state.

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