Simple Blogging: day 17

Blah, I’m 4 days behind. How did I let myself get 4 days behind? Usually I don’t do this to myself, as I have a certain theory about challenges. Oh hey, maybe I’ll use that to take on the topic of challenges in general!

Blog challenges are lots of fun!

It’s especially fun getting to follow blogs you normally wouldn’t get the chance to follow through a blog challenge. If you’ve ever participated in NaBloPoMo, which I consider to be a freeform challenge, it’s also fun trying to come up with things to write about. I also have a topic in my list to take on my theory of challenges so here it goes. My theory of challenges is that if you skip more than 3-4 days worth of content, it’s extremely hard to make up and therefore, you should probably just give up. This is especially true when it’s a challenge that relies on use of a Twitter hashtag. You see people who’ve skipped a week of posts trying to make them up all at once spamming the Twitter search results. of course this is less true if it’s a blogging challenge, but the more you get behind, the more posts you’ll have to write to try and make up.

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