Simple Blogging: day 22.

Share your own post sparingly, let others do the sharing for you.

This one might be obvious, or it might not. It depends on how much blogging advice you’ve read. I suppose the moral of this topic is, don’t Tweet your posts all the time. Don’t put them on Facebook every time either. If someone likes your post, hopefully they’ll come around and share it. When you think you’ve written a post you want to draw attention to, though, you can Tweet it and/or post it on Facebook. I did this with the beginning of this series. I did this to promote the series at first, but I didn’t want to spam people’s Twitter feeds each day. I only did it for about the first week, then I stopped. If you do this every time you post though, people will probably think you’re just using Twitter to get them to click on your links. I’ve never written a viral post that people share automatically. However, I’m hoping it will happen someday! Have I written posts that got Retweeted after I Tweeted them? Yeah I’ve done that! I’ve definitely seen it happen though, so many people like a post that it gets lots of tweets and FB likes!

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