Simple Blogging: day 24.

I had my first appointment with my new primary doctor today! This is interesting because since I was a teenager, I’ve seen the same primary doctor. He left this year to do hospital and urgent care work, and of course that put me needing a new GP. They told me I was going to have to wait until September, but when I had my extremely bad headache last April I really needed to see someone! That’s the person who I saw today, because I liked him back then, even though I was pretty delirious and out of it when I had a headache for 12 days.. Lol anyway, enough about me rambling on about my doctor, let’s get to the topic!

always provide full text feeds.

This was a big debate for a while in the blogosphere, as to whether you should provide full text feeds. this post from 2011, explains the dilemma and says that you should offer full feeds to get as many readers as possible. I agree with that way of thinking. Not only that, but sometimes, the RSS reader is just an easy way to read content. I actually do scan through the posts and click through to the site, when I come across a post I’m interested in in the feed, (if I’m subscribed to your feed, there’s definitely something I’m interested in reading in there!) So even though you’re providing full text feeds for me, I’m giving you the extra page views. The RSS reader is just an easier way to keep it all in one place, instead of having to visit each site. this post from 2007 explains why full text feeds actually increase page views. I’d have to agree with that explanation, because I’m the one clicking on all the links.

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