Simple Blogging: day 25.

OK, this next one is going to be one of those things where I list reasons for something.

Email newsletters verses email digests. Reasons for both.

OK I could probably list the reasons against both as well, but really you should only have a newsletter if certain things apply, otherwise you can get away with just sending out Feedburner-like emails of “this is what I posted to my blog today,” type thing. Reasons for having an email newsletter:

  • You have multiple blogs, (say, 3-5, and you want to send out a weekly digest of all the updates in one-fell-swoop.
  • You want to have a discussion list.
  • You have a blog and an online store, and maybe you want to put the newsletter sign up form in both places to do some cross-promotion. Maybe once in a while, (very sparingly!) you send out a deal to your subscribers.

Those are the only reasons I can think of for having a newsletter. As for reasons against it well, you have to keep up with it. As someone who had one for a while with only 1 subscriber, it became a chore to keep writing. The reason why you’d want to have an email digest of your blog post is to notify readers who don’t use RSS of what your posting. Digests are very low maintanence once you get them set up, you ccan just give them your feed URL, put the code on your site and pretty much leave them.

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