Play Practice.

Mom took me to Play Practice tonight. It went fine, except for the fact that when the kids were singing out of unison, it was distracting me and I couldn’t concentrate on the lyrics. We got started late, because several kids were late. We ran through the play several times though. This morning, I went … [Read more…]

Today and tomorrow.

Today, I went to Sunday school. We practiced Christmas songs for the play that will be on 12/4. I’ll be singing in the choir during the play. I haven’t been able to go to the last 2 practices because the person who said she would pick me up decided she’d well… not do this thing. … [Read more…]

Today and yesterday.

My friend got here from Medford yesterday. We went to lunch at Red Robin after they came and picked me up, (Melissa had to go get her at the Greyhound station.) After lunch, we came back here and pretty much talked all night, (until around 10:00.) I let her go through my questions file, and … [Read more…]

Thoughts on Facebook and the election.

I posted this NYT article to my linkblog, so I thought I’d expand on it here. People have been saying that they think Facebook/Twitter/social media influenced the election, and that’s why Donald Trump won. What they’re actually saying is they’re afraid fake news influenced the election, (especially on Facebook,) and I suppose that could happen … [Read more…]

Today and tomorrow.

I went with my family today to go spread a family friend’s ashes. I hadn’t seen this person for a long time, so we weren’t close. After we were done we went to a Chinese restaurant for lunch. Tomorrow, I’ll be having a friend come over and stay the night. She’s on a trip traveling … [Read more…]

Thoughts after the election.

Let’s just say, I can’t believe what happened last night! I was up until 1 in the morning, because Trump didn’t make his speech until 12, and I didn’t really want to go to bed after that. I think I was just in shock. No one expected this, and that’s stating the obvious! I’m relieved … [Read more…]

Catching up.

Because I haven’t done Thursday lister for a while, here’s a catch up list! I’m really excited about the election! I love watching election results, so it should be interesting. I’m praying for the Libertarians to get 5% or more. I had to turn in my Christmas list yesterday. Mom was lecturing me about it … [Read more…]

Simple Blogging: 29.

Don’t overdo memes/linkups. Well, you shouldn’t unless that’s what you’re blog is about, anyway. This depends on how often you blog, if you blog 3-4 times weekly, doing a linkup once a week is OK. If you blog every day, doing one 2-3 times is probably fine. I’ve seen some people do linkups, and then … [Read more…]

Simple Blogging: 28.

Paid VS. free blog hosting services. Services like Blogger, and Tumblr are obviously free, but some people might wonder, are paid services like Posthaven and Blot any better? The benefit of free services is that well… they’re free, if your budget it tight, you won’t have to pay a thing, (unless you want to use … [Read more…]