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Play Practice.

Mom took me to Play Practice tonight. It went fine, except for the fact that when the kids were singing out of unison, it was distracting me and I couldn’t concentrate on the lyrics. We got started late, because several kids were late. We ran through the play several times though. This morning, I went to have lab tests done. I had to have my collesterol checked, so I had to fast 12 hours for the tests. I ended up fasting all night. I was pretty lightheaded by the time I went to have the tests

Today and tomorrow.

Today, I went to Sunday school. We practiced Christmas songs for the play that will be on 12/4. I’ll be singing in the choir during the play. I haven’t been able to go to the last 2 practices because the person who said she would pick me up decided she’d well… not do this thing. I told Debbie that I’d try to get mom to bring me to practice since it seems no one really wants to come to the bad place, (AKA my small town just a few miles from town,) to pick me up. Mom said she’d bring me to practice tomorrow night, and hopefully next week.

Today and yesterday.

My friend got here from Medford yesterday. We went to lunch at Red Robin after they came and picked me up, (Melissa had to go get her at the Greyhound station.) After lunch, we came back here and pretty much talked all night, (until around 10:00.) I let her go through my questions file, and she got to 900 something! We ordered pizza around 6, but it didn’t get here until around 7, which was weird because they told me 25-35 minutes of course. We both decided to get up at 7, so we could have plenty of time to not rush things while getting ready. I set my alarm for 7, so I’d be able to perform wake-up duty. What actually happened, is that she didn’t get up until around 8:45, but that was fine because it didn’t take neither of us long to get ready. Mom was here at 10:25 to pick us up to go to the bus station, which was 5 minutes early. I was in the process of grabbing my stuff, and she was in the process of grabbing luggage when mom called to tell me she was here. We got to the bus station early, which was fine, but it turned out there didn’t need to be any baggage claims or anything like that. We ended up waiting in the car for like 40 minutes. Then mom was like, “oh… the bus is here.” I was like hmm, maybe she should pay a bit more attention. Then I told her to ask if that was the right bus, because at that point she still didn’t know, even though she asked the driver if checking luggage was needed and he said no. She finally determined that wasn’t the right bus, and found the correct one, (it was the one coming in behind it.) Mom made sure everything went well, and then got back in the car to drive me home.

Thoughts on Facebook and the election.

I posted this NYT article to my linkblog, so I thought I’d expand on it here. People have been saying that they think Facebook/Twitter/social media influenced the election, and that’s why Donald Trump won. What they’re actually saying is they’re afraid fake news influenced the election, (especially on Facebook,) and I suppose that could happen if you believe literally every single thing you read, but I have a feeling it didn’t. Well, in my case, I chose to vote third party after the candidate I was supporting dropped out 6 months ago. That didn’t have anything to do with what I read on Facebook or Twitter. I suppose I’m one of those rare people that actually watch primary debates, policy speeches, and research where candidates stand on certain issues. When Twitter/Facebook was all well… atwitter about Donald Trump attacking Ted Cruz’s father for having something to do with Lee Harvy Oswald, I knew it wasn’t the case. The primary season took place while Hillary Clinton was under FbI investigation, and you knew that even if you didn’t read Facebook or Twitter. I suppose my point is you’re going to vote for who you’re going to vote for, no matter what. Even if you decide to go for Trump at the last minute because he’s worse than Hillary. Also liberals accuse Facebook of being partisan, but conservatives have accused them for censoring their trending topics section in the past, so which is it? Honestly I prefer Twitter over Facebook, but that’s just me. I think MarkZuckerberg was right when he said that “the idea that Facebook influenced the election is “crazy.” Just as one final case-in-point, we don’t have open primaries here. I had to re-register so that I could vote for the candidate I was supporting at the time. Unfortunately, they dropped out a couple weeks before our primary, but not long enough for them to be taken off the ballot. So guess what? I still got to vote for them!

Today and tomorrow.

I went with my family today to go spread a family friend’s ashes. I hadn’t seen this person for a long time, so we weren’t close. After we were done we went to a Chinese restaurant for lunch. Tomorrow, I’ll be having a friend come over and stay the night. She’s on a trip traveling around Oregon, and I’m her last stop before she goes home to Washington. She’ll be staying one night with me, and going home on the bus on Tuesday. Mom will be picking her up to take her back to the bus around 10:30.

Thoughts after the election.

Let’s just say, I can’t believe what happened last night! I was up until 1 in the morning, because Trump didn’t make his speech until 12, and I didn’t really want to go to bed after that. I think I was just in shock. No one expected this, and that’s stating the obvious! I’m relieved we didn’t get Clinton, but I can’t say I’m not just a little worried. Don’t get me wrong, I hope Trump does a good job! I just can’t help looking back at the past year and a half. This is the person who said he doesn’t like the first amendment. OK OK, I understand all that’s over now, and we need to see what happens. I get that, but I can’t help being just a bit worried. Am I really afraid like those on the left? No, not really, because we can fix it in 4 years.

Catching up.

Because I haven’t done Thursday lister for a while, here’s a catch up list!

  1. I’m really excited about the election! I love watching election results, so it should be interesting. I’m praying for the Libertarians to get 5% or more.
  2. I had to turn in my Christmas list yesterday. Mom was lecturing me about it because they’re starting Christmas shopping. This meant that I was turning in an unfinished list, because some of the things I could put on the list I really won’t get.
  3. Speaking of Christmas, can the Christmas drama and obligation pressure just be over already? The reality is that everyone in my family expects presents for everyone else, even if they aren’t really part of the family. Thing is, I can’t afford to spend $1000 on Christmas, so no… it just can’t happen, which causes drama.
  4. This causes me to not look forward to Christmas, I love Christmas itself, but I hate Christmas in my family!
  5. Yesterday was November 5th. All day I was like I know something happened today, but I just couldn’t remember what it was. Then I remembered 11/5/2013. Yesterday was the 3-year anniversary of this libelous article, and the two and a half week stream of Twitter vitriol it caused. The day before that, I’d written Twitter on a piece of paper as something I was thankful for at Prayer Seeker’s cafĂ©, (well, I had someone write it for me.) I wanted to take it back after that.
  6. I’ll be singing next month in the Christmas choir during our Sunday school Christmas play, which should be fun!
  7. Today in church, my pastor mentioned WikiLeaks from the platform!Last year, he prayed over Debbie Wasserman Shultz’s office when he went to DC. He talked about that today, and talked about her having to resign because of the DNC leaks that WikiLeaks released.
  8. You’ll also be seeing a lot more lists next month! 30 days of them, in fact. Because I need to do 30 days of lists for this year, and I still haven’t done it yet.

Simple Blogging: 29.

Don’t overdo memes/linkups.

Well, you shouldn’t unless that’s what you’re blog is about, anyway. This depends on how often you blog, if you blog 3-4 times weekly, doing a linkup once a week is OK. If you blog every day, doing one 2-3 times is probably fine. I’ve seen some people do linkups, and then write personal posts on the same day, and I think that would work as well. You could also pick one day of the week to do linkups.

Simple Blogging: 28.

Paid VS. free blog hosting services.

Services like Blogger, and Tumblr are obviously free, but some people might wonder, are paid services like Posthaven and Blot any better? The benefit of free services is that well… they’re free, if your budget it tight, you won’t have to pay a thing, (unless you want to use a domain.) The disadvantage ofa free host for any site is that well… they can take you down at any time. The benefit of a paid host is that they’ll most likely be around longer, (there isn’t a guarantee that they’ll stay around forever, though.) Not only that but it’s less likely, unless you violate their terms of service, that they’ll want to

Simple Blogging : 27.

OK so yeah I got extremely behind! Now, I’m just shooting for 29 because 29 out of 31 is OK, not perfect, but OK with me.

Feature some of your favorite posts.

I used to do yearly highlights when I was doing blog365, and it was a fun way to feature some of the posts that I thought were just fun to write, or that I thought were good. You can also feature posts from other blogs that you like. You can do this both ways, either in a post, or in a blog list style widget, (although you wouldn’t be able to use the bloglist from Blogger itself because it only uses the blogs you’re following.) If you’re favorite posts are from the blogs you’re following, that’s fine. If like me you’re unable to clean them out and you have several inactive ones in there, then obviously that won’t work