Things I’ve done today.

Oh, I’m definitely cheating and writing this post after midnight! The thing is, I’ve been posting links like a crazy lady, and decided to take a short break to listen to a short podcast or 2 before bed, (when I realized um… oh crap, I forgot to write the blog post, and I’m like 3 behind! So, let’s get to the list:

  1. caught up on a couple podcast episodes, (well 2 and a half episodes, that is.)
  2. Read a bit of RSS.
  3. Signed up for a Penzu pro account. I’ve had a account for about 5 years now, but never really used it. This way, I can do all my journaling in one place, (instead of a bunch of places.)
  4. Transferred some entries from old journaling services to a Penzu journal.
  5. Started a bible journal using daily email readings from The American Bible Society, and Penzu email reminders.
  6. Made arrangements to be at church early tomorrow morning.
  7. Posted like 6 links to so I could catch up this month.

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