Favorite Christmas recipes!

OK, this is going to be a short-ish list tonight, because a couple recipes I have aren’t in electronic format. I found a similar recipe for one of them though. Most of these are desserts, (I love to do a lot of baking/dessert making around Christmas! A couple of them are soups, because I love soup!

  1. Fudge: instead of messing with the candy thermometer this year, we used this recipe it turned out really well, once we were able to get it out of the pan! Hint: don’t use wax paper!
  2. A snack mix we like to call “white trash.” It’s called that because we use almond bark, (or you can use white melts,) for the chocolate covering. Mom and I make a variation that calls for golden grams cereal and peanuts, this time I used this recipe, which changed things up a lot. Note: I did make my own adaptations to the recipe. I left out the captain crunch cereal and pretzles, and put in extra checks and popcorn.
  3. Christmas cookies! I love shaping them and mixing the ingredients. I have a recipe called “Fast Sugar Cookies,” which is inherently supposed to be a no-chill recipe, but it well… isn’t. Instead of following the directions and skipping the fridge, I recommend you chill for at least 20 minutes, that will make the dough easier to work with! I haven’t been able to find a recipe like the one I found, (I obtained it from a blog that no longer exists,) and it calls for 7 cups of flower and 3 TBSP of cream of tartar. Yeah it does, and the cookies come out cakey as all get out and some people in my family complained one year that they didn’t like them, so I stopped bringing them. I’m trying again this year. The closest idderation of the recipe I could come up with is the one here
  4. Chili! I love some spicy chili around Christmas time, (usually just after Thanksgiving for some reason. We used this recipe from the Food Network this time and it turned out perfectly!
  5. Tortellini soup! My mom got this recipe from someone at her painting class one time and it’s been a Christmas Eve tradition for well… like 25 years now. The thing is, since it’s a Christmas time tradition, it’s also become one in my house. The problem is, as has become evident over the years, is that mom and I like to make soup at pretty much exactly the same time, (her on Christmas Eve, and me a couple days before Christmas.)this recipe from Allrecipes is most like the one we use. We leave out the spinach, and add Pace Picante sauce.

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