The Christmas wishlist I didn’t send to my family.

Why didn’t I send these things to my family? Well, because I knew I wouldn’t get them of course! Actually I think there’s one thing on here I did put on the family list.

  1. gift certificate. This is the one thing I did put on the list for family.
  2. SugarWish! This is a site where you send someone an online gift card for a pre-selected amount, (as in you decide how much you want to pay,) and they decide what candies they want depending on how many you let them get.
  3. Wikileaks swag. I tried to put this on my list a couple times a few years ago and never got it.
  4. Custom Sees assortment. No one in my family will get this because they don’t know what I like, but they don’t want me to send it out with the list, so I just don’t bother.
  5. TWiT swag, (either mugs or comfortable T-shirts that I can lounge around the house in.) I again tried to put this on my list like 3 years running, and never got any. I know they’re just restarting the TWiT store.
  6. Virtual gifts. This time, I’d like a year or 2 of paid Netflix, a year or so of paid cable would be excellent! Oh and if you could pay a renewal for me, that’d be great! Don’t worry, I’ll still need to do all the eligibility paperwork. My family won’t get me these things, because Christmas has to be something you can unwrap or pull from a stocking.

If anyone actually, seriously wants to get me even one of these things on this list, i’ll be in your debt forever!

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