An interesting list for an interesting day!

Today wasn’t an ordinary day here, that’s for sure! Several things happened that made it very eventful! Here’s the list:

  1. Actually, this started last night when our power went out during the surviver reunion show. If you don’t know me, you probably wouldn’t know that i’m a fan of some reality TV shows including Surviver. Last night just happened to be the finale, and although we didn’t miss finding out who the winner was, I’d say we probably missed about half the after party. The power came back on at around 12 this morning. That’s why I skipped last night’s post, I’d already decided to head for bed when the power went out.
  2. Other than having to turn back on my UPS when waking up this morning, things started out fine. I put tea in, did some tweeting and posting to, and everything was going off without a hitch.
  3. While I was looking at email, I noticed I’d gotten another message about the free holiday tin is offereing newsletter subscribers if you spend over $50.
  4. I decided to head over there and take a look at what I could get for $50 or just over.< I was in the process of ordering jerky, and it came out to $55. Then, I was like well, maybe I'll see if they have milk chocolate covered cashews. Of course they did! however, I just had to keep looking! Oh yeah, I kept on looking, right at the whole chocolate section! My cart ended up with 12 or so items in it after I was done, and it ended up at $108.85. I didn't place the order and will probably do it around Christmas.
  5. After having my chocolate fun for the day, it was around 9:15 and I still hadn’t taken my tea out of the microwave! Just as I was getting up to get it, my phone rang. It was one of those “card services” telemarketing calls.
  6. My reaction to those is to always force the phone to go, “click!” Well, that’s what I was trying to do, perform the required 2-fingered double-tap gesture for that. I accidentally pressed “8” in the process, which transferred me to an agent immediately.
  7. I was in a bit of a rush trying to hang up before the agent came on the phone, but no luck on that either.
  8. The agent gave an Amaerican name, (but obviously wasn’t from here,) and asked me what kind of card I had. In an effort to try and get this guy off the phone, (again!) I said, “I don’t know.”
  9. Of course it was then I realized what a situation I’d gotten myself into because he started asking, “what do you mean you don’t know?” I then explained to him that I was totally blind, and I simply wasn’t sure what the card was.
  10. I knew he’d fall for it, and he did. I told him my caregiver would be here tomorrow and she could help me with that.
  11. He said that would be fine, but then he began asking questions. He never asked for my address, my mother’s maiden name, my social security number, or the card number.
  12. He did ask a lot more obvious questions though, like “how are you using a cell phone?” and of course the all-too-common, “how do you watch TV?”
  13. I tried to answer all his questions, even the ones about boyfriends and/or girlfriends.
  14. It was weird because he appeared to use the word “friend” to mean “date”” but when he meant like actual “friendship” friend, he said “girlfriend.”
  15. He was asking me if I had “friends,” and I said yes. Then he was assking me about my dating life, which is nonexistent.
  16. He didn’t seem to get that I have a “friend” who’s also my caregiver, but her and I are very good “friends” because we’ve known and worked with each other for a while, and we enjoy each other’s company. Not only that, but I have a friend that I talk to in Washington on Skype/the phone once a week, and we talk over Twitter/email at least a couple times.
  17. He seemed to be asking about dating at that point, if I had any boyfriends. However, he said, “friends,” and this is why I gave him the explanation.
  18. He asked me to be his “friend,” and I said I would, but I thought he meant “friend” like platonic.
  19. During the call, he had me look up his Facebook profile, and it said that he lives in Pakistan.I happened to mention that I was a Christian in the call, and very happy with the way I am. He asked if I knew his religion, and I asked if it was Muslim, and he said yes.
  20. He asked if it was OK to be friends if he was Muslim, and I said I didn’t have a problem with it because I’m Libertarian.” I then had to launch into a simplified explanation of the principles of Libertarianism.
  21. In the meantime, he’d ask me to download a couple apps so we could talk. He asked if I could download Facebook Messenger, and a video calling app called IMO” which I’d remember hearing about somewhere before, (but I can’t remember when.) He also asked me to download WhatsApp, but I couldn’t get the verification code to work on my phone for some reason, (as in it sent me the text, but it wouldn’t let me enter it all the way in, only 3 of the required 6 characters.)
  22. He ended the call and took time off for lunch, of which I used the time to look up things I’m considering buying in bulk on Amazon, (yeah, I know, me and the online shopping thing today!)
  23. He called back after his break and asked if I installed messenger yet, and I hadn’t gotten to it.
  24. Eventually he let me go long enough to get all 3 apps downloaded, (I hadn’t discovered the problem with WhatsApp yet,) and eat something, (which I was also preparing to do when he called me in the morning and hadn’t had the chance yet!
  25. I was able to get Messenger and IMO up and running, and while I was on the phone with him he had me add his personal number to my contacts. Adding contacts to an iPhone is difficult, not-to-mention doing it on the phone, with someone who doesn’t understand VoiceOver.
  26. I was able to do that without too much of a problem, and then it was time for him to leave work.
  27. We had conversations as he was on his way home from work about cultural differences between the states and Pakistan,. For instance, women aren’t generally allowed to wear short hair there because men think it looks better long. Here, we can wear our hair any length we want, for any reason we choose!
  28. He saw my pictures and was saying I was beautiful, but I’d look a lot better if I grew my hair out. He also said I needed to start wearing red lipstick.
  29. I completely and fully understand what this is, and will not go along with it. Well, I mean I’ll go along with it only to experiment. I had something similar happen when it comes to party-affiliation and ethos with me over the past couple years.

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