Stuff and things.

It’s obvious that I haven’t succeeded with 30 days of lists. December was probably not the best month for this! Since I enjoy it though, I’ll keep going until the end of the month. Here’s a list of things that have happened over the past couple days.

  1. I was able to extract the Pharisee of Pakistan from my life! I didn’t want to do anymore video calls, especially last night when I had a headache, bbut he kept pushing, and that made me extremely suspicious!
  2. I started and finished planning CCC lectures in 24 hours! This usually takes me a couple days.
  3. Apparently, my sister’s gift has finally been delivered! I wasn’t sure when it was going to get here. We have to exchange gifts with my grandma, and my sister on Friday.
  4. Not that I want to do that though. I’d rather open all the gifts at once Christmas morning. My Grandma has stocking stuff for me, and I’m sure she’s going to love my mother telling her to leave it, because I’m absolutely not doing stockings until Christmas morning!
  5. So this raises the question, if we’re going to do separate things from now on, why did I buy for my sister’s not yet step children?

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