This has to be a quickish post.

Because I’m acclimating to CET time, and I start that process tonight. Lol, I really don’t want to end up with CET lag next week and fall asleep when well… I should be awake watching lectures. Besides preparing for 4 days of living in half CET half pacific twilight zone, here are my plans for the next 2-3 days.

  1. Tomorrow night, I’ll go to my parent’s house to exchange gifts with my grandma, sister, and the stepchildren.
  2. On Christmas eve, I’ll be going over to my parent’s house, probably sometime later.
  3. We’ll go to church, and then I’ll stay the night. I’m going to have fun explaining to my mom why I need to get to bed by 8:30!
  4. The next day, mom, dad, and I will open presents/stockings.
  5. Mom will cook Christmas dinner on Christmas day, she couldn’t decide if she wanted to do this Christmas day or Christmas eve this year.
  6. I’m hoping I’ll get home at a nice early-ish time.

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