Things I got for Christmas.

Going to backdate this one to yesterday.

  • a new purse! I needed a new one because my old one is broken.
  • A power pack to charge my phone. I lost my old one in the move somewhere.
  • a Sugarwish!!! Melissa gave me a Sugarwish!!!
  • Comfortable workout pants that I’m wearing right now.
  • A talking indoor/outdoor thermometer, which is very cool!
  • A picture of my Grandma, her boyfriend, and their dog. From my Grandma obviously.
  • $100 from Grandma, that I need to stash in the bank!
  • A sign that says something like, “God only gives you what you can handle.” I wanted to hang it above my desk, as a reminder while I’m reading legal documents!
  • My stocking was stuff twice! Once from mom and once from Grandma.

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