My list of 2017 goals.

  1. Get a haircut.
  2. Do some form of excersise every weekday. Even if I can’t get on the elliptical for some reason, situps, pushups, jumping jacks, and yoga poses will work fine for this.
  3. Work myself up to spending 20 minutes outside at least 3-4 times weekly. Conditions: It can’t be over 90, and under 50. I may be able to adapt to those things when trying them in short periods, but in order to stay for 15-20 minutes, about 60-75 is optimal.
  4. Develop a spirit-filled morning routine that includes prayer, bible reading, and journaling.
  5. Do something new every month.
  6. Go back to Vegas with my family.
  7. Make the recipe for snack mix I came up with.
  8. Participate in 12 month-long challenges in 2017.
  9. Participate in Operation Christmas child through my church.
  10. Put up the Christmas tree, (didn’t quite have time to do it in 2016.
  11. Try to come up with at least 2 more recipes, (but it’s OK if it’s only one,) or if they don’t work out.
  12. Read 10 books.
  13. Decide what I’m doing with my blogs. Right now, the linkblog is on Blot, and the personal blog is on Blogger. I’d like to try 10Centuries, but not sure if I want to do another blog migration so soon.
  14. Decide what I’m doing with my online identities and domains. This will probably involve privatizing Twitter, and a new domain for the linkblog.
  15. Find a password manager.
  16. for heaven’s sake, start podcasting again!
  17. Try the different combinations of adblockers and privacy extensions, and see which ones work best for me.
  18. Switch away from Gmail and get rid of the address I’ve had for 10 years.
  19. Look into starting an online business.
  20. Apply for a credit card with rewards, (not a loyalty card.)
  21. Make an advanced directive.
  22. Make a will.
  23. Order checks.
  24. Start a savings account, and save between $50 -$100 every month.
  25. Switch banks, preferably to an online bank.
  26. Keep up with my bible journal, (the one that I started in December 2016.)
  27. Rewrite my eulogy, (I first wrote it on June 17th, 2008.)
  28. Start a “my day in six words” journal, with the aim of keeping it for 6 months.) The months don’t have to be consecutive.)
  29. Make a list of 10 ideas every day.
  30. Do 25-50 acts of kindness.
  31. Write 2 letters to myself. One for when I turn 35, and one for when I turn40.
  32. Write my Newyears letter. This is a letter I write to myself every year recapping the previous year, and laying out very broad hopes and prayers for the next one.
  33. Anser my end-of-the-year reflection questions. I posted them right here.

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