The final countdown has arrived!

Until January 20th, that is! yay for the final countdown. It isn’t the inauguration I’m so excited about, although I’m interested to see what Trump says in his speech. No, it’s the impending Lavabit resurrection! Lol, I told Melissa when we were on the way to lunch this afternoon, that I just couldn’t wait anymore! Heh, I can, I just don’t want to wait anymore. Anyway, it’s now time for me to go to bed so I can get up early. Maybe I’ll do a Periscope stream tomorrow! Lol yeah, I’ve been testing Periscope and actually got it to work.

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  1. So, I tried to add funds to my PayPal account, but could not. I know I have some checks around here somewhere. I let you know when I find one and send it.

  2. It's really flippin hard to add funds to a PayPal account, it takes forever too. You have to like use a bank transfer, billpay, or a moneypack thingy that you pick up from the store. I'm not sure why PayPal makes it so difficult! You should just be able to add funds to a PayPal account using a credit card, I mean… is that a foreign concept or something?

  3. No, not at all. This just looks like a special case where one site you linked to is getting hurt. It isn't your fault at all, and I don't think they think it is either. They are just trying to get back into Google's good graces and are struggling to determine which links might have caused Google to pull the trigger.

  4. The weird thing is, the site has a PR 5, so I don't think they're doing all that bad, and I don't think they have a whole bunch of bad links pulling them down, but who knows, they might.

  5. The sad thing is this is probably true – Google has now penalized a number of sites for completely natural links because they can't perfectly distinguish between those that are good or bad. I wouldn't take it as an attempt at censorship, as long as they are only asking for you to add a nofollow tag.

  6. So in order to not have Google penalize every site I link to, I have to always use nofollow? Bleh, I just don't care that much! It isn't that I'm trying to create bad links or anything, it's just that since I don't have a pagerank anyway, I don't really care.

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