Thursday Lister: ideas.

I’ve been trying to keep an ideas journal lately. I had a goal to write 10 ideas per day, but I had a hard time getting to 10. This is a list that I wrote today.

  1. I’ve finally decided on I really like the interface!
  2. I’ve been dreaming a lot more recently. Not sure why this is, but the past couple nights I’ve had dreams. It’s very rare for me to dream. I usually do it about once every 2-3 months.
  3. This makes me want to start a dream journal, which is very easy to do in Penzu!
  4. As much as I don’t like writing in rich text, I do love Penzu!
  5. I want to migrate my blogs somewhere, but I’m really not sure where yet. I’m testing different services, which seems to be the theme around here lately!

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