Thoughts from the past couple days.

I watched the inauguration on Friday! I did like Trump’s speech a lot. I managed to watch some of the inaugural parade as well. During this time, I was waiting for Lavabit to relaunch! It went live around 2 something. Just when I took a break to go watch the parade, the resurrection happened! Lol I guess that’s what happens when I walk away. Services get launched. Lol, I only wish!
I’m testing a new blogging platform! It’s called SunSed, and I really like it! I’m thinking I’ll be ready to leave Blogger in a couple months, when they release their V3 and add Blogger migration! I’ll also be able to restart my podcast, which I’ve been wanting to do for several months now.
I created my first Subreddit, it’s called /r/blogplatforms! I’m always interested in finding new blogging platforms and testing them, so I made this Subreddit to discuss that.

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