I’m using the new 43Things!

Lol and it’s absolutely hilarious! Hah I just had a laughing attack that lasted about 15 minutes over something one of the developers said. Lol OK, so this guy’s username is “Sahlavit,) which in my mind gets associated with Lavabit! I sware, this happens every! single! time! So anyway I happen to tell him this that I always think of Lavabit when I see his username. Lol he said, “I’m not encrypted, but I’m reliable, so maybe there are some similarities afterall.” OMG! wow… I laughed so loud that I thought my neighbors were going to bust in and tell me to stop. This kept going for about 15 minutes. Then finally, I decided that speaking of Lavabit, since it’s 2/19 and everything, I should pre-register for the thing. So I did that whole transaction while laughing about Sahlavit’s comment! Lol, just lol and I’m still laughing about the thing.
Anyway, the new 43things.com is epic! Just about everything we’ve asked for has been implemented, except for the RSS thing. Hint: Lavabit, woops… wait… I mean um…

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