13 Things I’m looking forward to.

OK so I haven’t participated in Thursday13, and I’ve pretty much failed my own attempts at making lists on Thursdays, (often, they were shorter than 13 items.) So I’ve decided to start participating again. I may not participate every week, (I’ll try!) but I’ll definitely do this every other week or so, (provided I’m not having a huge headache at the time.) Anyway, after all that, I decided to make a list of 13 things I’m looking forward to, in no particular order.

  1. My Amazon rewards card getting here,! I applied for it last week, so it should be here soon.
  2. Starting my Shopify store, (getting the card wil enable me to do that.)
  3. Getting a premium theme for My Viz Adventures!just FYI, I might participate in future TT’s with that blog as well, (don’t worry, it’s me!)
  4. Getting a premium Shopify theme.
  5. Starting a podcast again! I think I’m going to turn TechSpazz into a podcast.
  6. Getting managed WP hosting, so I can have all my blogs in one place!
  7. Participating in April A to Z, here on the personal blog, and Ultimate blog challenge, on my business blog.
  8. Starting more blogs!
  9. The trip our family is taking to go to my brother’s wedding in July.
  10. Not having as many headaches! Ever since the neurologist put me on a muscle relaxer, I haven’t woken up with a headache for the past couple days.
  11. Making a list of 10 things each day, this is just happens to be today’s list! So far, the lists have led to at least one blog post, I’m going to start posting more of them. Some will be here, (like the bigger list that I’m in the process of making,) others will be on the other blogs.
  12. Reviving a couple no-longer existing memes. If you’ve tried to visit thatsmyanser.com recently, you’ll notice that it doesn’t exist. I have plans to revive that, (but on a different domain,) I really like the concept of asking a daily question, so much so, that I’m doing it here on 43 things. That, and WFMW, (although I might call it something else,) because I like reading tips/lifehacks that other people have had success with.
  13. Finishing re-adding all my feeds to The Old Reader, I had an account there a few months ago, (but I didn’t like the old design,) I really do like the new one, so I signed up again.
  14. Trying Lectio Divina! I’ve made a commitment to try it during Lent.

Oh, just a little tip, I changed my Blogger display name, back in January. I previously used my given name, (“Noelle,”) online, but “Hope” is what I’d change my name to if I could, so I’m now using that online.

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