Blog makeover coming very soon!

Like as in, tomorrow! This here blog will be getting a new name, (which means a new domain,) a new host, and of course a new theme! That’s right, I’m taking this blog back to WP. Well because that’s where all my other blogs are, and it’s more stable and flexible than ever. I have plans to participate in the 24 hour readathon in April, (along with the April A-to-Z challenge here,) and I’m making very, very super-secret plans for something this summer, (I can’t say anything about that publically just yet.) I’ll also be participating in Ultimate Blog Challenge on my business blog. I’m very much looking forward to my couple months of blogging challenges, will also be doing one in May.
By the way, I intend to leave this blog up until the domain stops working. I’m not going to renew it, but I’m not going to just take it down either. I’ll be starting over with my content at the new blog.

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