A new blog for my new adventures!

As you all know, I’ve been using “Hope” online for the past few months or so. As a result, I’ve decided to create hopesthoughts.blog, both because I wanted a .blog domain, and because I wanted something fairly broad. People are undoubtedly going to ask me, “why are you using a different name online?” Well, there’s one reason. I really like the name “Hope,” and would instantly change my name to that, if legal processes were instant in the least bit! This blog is in a beta testing phase right now. This means anything could be tweaked at any time. Don’t worry, I won’t tweak anything major, (that has to do with the site design,) without posting about it, so here’s a warning, I intend to change the theme. I already know which theme I’m going to be using, so will be downloading and installing it soon. I’ll be adding pages and such in the next few days or so, most likely.
I intend to talk about my faith a lot here on this blog, if the fact that I’m a Christian causes you any offense, I’m sorry but you may want to leave. I did talk about faith/church some on my other blog, but I intend to do it a bit more here. I’m going to try, (with the exception of presidential election seasons,) to keep news/politics out of this blog. I might start another blog for my political/legal opinions, since I’ll be changing the blog where I post links to a websites only blog, (this means I won’t be posting news articles there anymore, or very rarely.) I may talk about tech some, but mostly as it relates to my life and the fact that I’m now pretty much blogging for a living. Tech news/opinions go on another blog.


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