13 Positive things.

Because I’m trying to teach a friend of mine to come up with small positive things each day, I wrote a list of 13 of mine, (although some of them aren’t so small.)

  1. My personal blog is working! The domain wasn’t fully resolved until today.
  2. Blog tweaking. Installing plugins and themes is fun!
  3. Gab is epic! This is one positive thing that I get to enjoy every day.
  4. I signed up for a new web host on Tuesday, I love it!
  5. I have all my topics for the A to Z challenge for next month ready.
  6. I have 19 topics for AudioMo, and that isn’t until June.
  7. I’m watching a lot less TV. Lol it’s because my antenna isn’t working with one of the local channels here, but I’m enjoying the podcasts!
  8. I found a new church that I love!
  9. 43Things often makes my day.
  10. I’m starting to incorporate more healthy things into my diet.
  11. I’m having less headaches! Now that my neurologist put me on a muscle relaxer.
  12. I’m maintaining my current weight.
  13. I’m meeting lots of new people and making new friends, even if it’s online.

For those doing Thursday 13, I used to own Life’s Everyday Adventures!, it’s still up if you want to go take a look. This is my new blog.

You Baby Me Mummy


  • Baby Isabella

    We haven’t watched much telly this week which is great as it’s freed us up to do other, more productive things! Well done on the weigh loss positivity 🙂 #thelistlinky

    • hope

      Yeah, I like being able to do more productive things! Thanks for that! Lol I really need to loos a few pounds before my next doctor’s appointment, hah!

  • jo

    Love this, I try everyday to think about the little things too. It’s really changing my mindset. Not a shameless plug for my blog, but I actually wrote a post the other day about how life changing it can be (I was a cynic!), which might help your friend? I will put the link in my details x #thelistlinky

    • hope

      Hi Jo, yeah I’m trying to get her to think of the little things. Like what she was having for lunch that day, and if she’s looking forward to that.

    • hope

      Hi, I’m definitely going to keep participating, it may not be every week, but I’m hoping to do it 2-3 times a month or so. I also have some plans for a couple memes of my own!

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