A is for adventure.

I’m starting the #atozchallenge today. It’s a blogging challenge where you post something from A to Z each day. Although I have several things for each letter, so I’ll probably be doing multiple posts. Apparently we’re supposed to not post on Sundays. Well I’ll be breaking that rule because like I said I have several posts for each letter, so I’ll probably be posting some on Sunday.
OK why “adventure?” If you know me the answer is fairly obvious. If you don’t know me, you won’t know the answer to that question. I’ve been fortunate to do things in my life such as bungee jumping, skydiving, ziplining, and parasailing. I attended space camp in 1999, during my junior year in high school.
I have a whole list of adventurous things I’d like to try. They include the sky jump in Vegas which I’ll hopefully be participating in this summer! Beyond that, paragliding, hang gliding, surfing, scuba diving, and trapeze all make the list! I tend to believe that life should be an adventure. Some people will probably ask what I mean by that. I mean I’ll pretty much try anything once. I also believe that life is a beta for eternity, which basically means we’re in one big experiment.

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  • Debby

    Heck the A-Z is adventure for me! 🙂 Good first post.

    My theme is all about baby boomers and those years we grew up. Grab some cookies and milks and come on over. Atomic Bombs

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