B is for Bible and blogging.

Oh yes, yes it is! The Bible is the most important book you’ll ever read in your life, (if you’re a Christian.) I think daily Bible reading is one of the best habits one can get into. Bible journaling is even better. Unfortunately, I can’t keep up with that though, so I often get behind.
B is also for blogging! Blogging is one of the most fun things I’ve decided to partake in. I started blogging in 2003, which means it’s going to be 14 years this July! Wow,14 years, I can’t believe it!
Other cool things that start with “B” include Blogathon, (which I participated in 7 times up to 2013,) and books, (I’m really starting to get into reading!)


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      Hi lol WP lost it’s mind and threw the post in the trash while I was editing it. I have no idea why it did this. I believe it’s restored now so you can get to the link.

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