“M” is for Mastodon and memes.

What’s Mastodon, you might ask. It’s a decentralized social network. This means there are many instances everywhere, Mastodon.xyz is just one of them. There are certainly some fun ones out there, I signed up for Mastodon.technology Lol of course I haven’t signed up with all the instances yet, there are 700 something. It’s been fun though, to find and follow new people.
“M” is also for Memes, and a meme is simply something that spreads, almost like a virus. Back before image macros were called “memes,” bloggers used to use the term for things like Thursday13, and Friday 5. To me, they should still be defined as a “meme,” but some people put these kinds of things under the category of “linkups,” or “blog hops.” A blog hop can also be a meme, I suppose, but what they usually end up as are “link to one of your favorite posts,” or things like that

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