The 3 things that start with “N.”

Yeah, so I have 3 things that start with “N.” I’m going to post them all in one post.
“N” is for news. When I was younger, I used to watch CNN a lot. I haven’t watched it as much in the past 3 years, mostly because of that whole flight 370 Fiasco. When I do watch CNN, and that isn’t very often anymore, I notice how idiotic they are. Lol maybe I should’ve just said “byassed,” but they sure like to obsess on things a lot. These days, I do try to watch the evening news every once in a while, just to get an idea of what those in the mainstream press are saying. I get my news from a variety of places though, RSS, Gab, and Twitter all factor into the mix. I also listen to TheBlaze radio, and today, I ended up listening to Rush Limbaugh. I don’t do that often, but I like to once in a while.
“N” is also for “Noelle,” which is my legal name. I don’t use this online anymore because well, I’ve never liked it. I’m one of those people who never came to terms with what their parents named them. I’m not sure if that’s legally a good reason to try and change my name, so I haven’t yet.
“N” is also for NSA, which used to stand for “no such agency.” Lol, I used to get SsA and NSA mixed up. It’s 3 letters, and the last 2 are the same. It really stands for “National Security Agency,” which is obvious. I think we should replace “security” with “surveillance.” Surveillance is what the NSA and the CIA do best.

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