In which I attempt to read 1984 straight through in 24 hours.

I’ve never read 1984, I know right? On April 29th, I’ll be participating in the 24 hour readathon, and I’ll be attempting to read the thing straight through. I’ve wanted to read for 24 hours for a while, but I’ve just never been ready to do this thing until now. I have the Kindle for PC with accessibility plugin installed, and I’ll be reading straight through the 24 hours. I’ll only stop to take bathroom breaks. I may or may not stop while eating because I’m fairly close to the desk from my dining room, (although not that close,) but I can turn the speakers up fairly loud. Oh, I’ll also be taking breaks to post here every 2-3 hours. I intend to get a second book just in case 1984 isn’t long enough to last the 24 hours. I’m pretty sure it will take 10-12 hours, though.

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