O and P.

Lol yeah, I know how that sounds. Since I only have one thing that starts with “O”, and 2 things that start with “P” I decided to put them all in one post.
“O” is for Olympics! Oh man, I’m a huge Olympics fan, if you don’t know this about me. Every 2 years, I probably use my TV more than I would ever use it throughout those 2 years. For 2 and a half weeks straight, you can’t get me to turn that thing off for anything! Unfortunately I had a bad experience with Olympic streaming last year, and simply could not get it to work! I like most Olympic sports, but I have to say that figure and speedskating are my favorites in winter, along with skiing, Gymnastics, Swimming, track, and diving, are probably my favorite summer sports.
“P” is for Pizza! I like many things when it comes to food, and my family would probably say that I dislike many strange things. I think for as long as I remember, Pizza, (along with Chinese food,) have been my favorites. I pretty much like any kind, except for the chicken garlic pizzas, (no thanks!)
“P” is also for podcasting, (and/or podcasts.) I listen to many podcasts, and I’ll be discussing some of my favorite ones in June when I do Audiomo. I’m thinking of using that to start my podcast back up again! Yay, I can’t wait!

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