Q is for questions and quizzes.

I love answering questions! So much so that I have a file that has over 2200 of them. I also don’t mind answering questions that people ask me, (as long as they don’t ask me obvious “how do you wash your hands” type questions. Those get annoying most of the time. I also don’t love answering the same questions ad infinitum, but I’ll do it because it’s what everyone wants to know. Most of the time I just point people to the 31 questions series I did back in 2015. FYI, that’s right here.
“Q” is also for Quizzes. I love online quizzes! So much so that I used to keep a file with the results. I’ve finished out a fair bit of my Blogathons with posts containing quiz results. I do this because I enjoy taking them so much, it’s a way to waste time while waiting for my posting deadline. Lol, it’s also a way to become distracted and miss the post time. I’ve taken the silly ones, but I’ve also taken the serious ones as well. I did take a spiritual gift inventory a couple years ago, I can’t remember what they all were so maybe I need to retake it, hah!

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