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My nearly $200 CSPAN purchase.

I finally decided to get cable! Lol not because I wanted all the movie channels or anything, mostly because I wanted CSPAN. The guy came to install it today. The bill is going to be pretty high the first time because of the installation. Not only do I get CSPAN, but I also get NBCSN, (yay!) IN other words, no more trying to authenticate with my parent’s dish account for streaming. They ended up giving me the phone to save me money. Although I don’t have a landline phone, I might end up getting one. Since they gave me the phone, and it relies on the internet, I had the option of purchasing a battery backup for my modem. I got the UPS, so I should be able to have internet for up to 8 hours if the power goes out.

Internet weirdness and Mother’s Day happenings.

Ever since about Thursday, my internet has been misbehaving intermittently. It wasn’t working most of the day Thursday, until like 10 at night. Then Friday it was fine. Yesterday it was acting up again, until I reset the modem. Now today it’s been fine all day. I’m not sure if my ISP is having problems, (my sister also says she’s having issues,) but Melissa and mom who also have the same ISP as us aren’t having any problems.
Today, Melissa and I went to church early. They were having a ladies breakfast/brunch, so her, her mom, her stepdad and I all went. For dinner, I went to a local restaurant with my family, to celebrate Mother’s day.

My Bible reading journey.

I think the delemma of everyone who likes to read one time or another is, “what should I read next?” Lol I know a friend of mine who asks this question quite often. Well, I was asking myself that same question, and I found the answer today!
I started reading the bible. That’s my next book. Lol I know, right? You’re probably thinking that I should use an app to do that. Well I’ve never done that, but I’ve done the daily email thing. Unfortunately that no longer works, so I decided to get 2 different translations of the Bible and read them simultaneously. I downloaded the NIV from Bookshare, and the NKJV from the Kindle store. I intend to read anywhere from 10-15 chapters per day, as I want to get done quickly.

Still reading…

Oh yeah, I’m still reading Atlas Shrugged! Lol I have no idea when I’m going to finish that thing. I stayed up until 1 this morning reading, I thought for sure I’d finish it, but didn’t. I pretty much read all day today, I thought I’d finish then, but I still haven’t! Unfortunately, Ane Rand held atheist worldviews, it’s hinted throughout the book, but I’m at the section where it’s extremely prevalent. Let’s just say I’m not a very big fan of this section, and I want to get through it ASAP!
I really have no idea what I’m going to read next. All I know is I won’t be picking such a long book for Readathon next time. 3-4 short-ish books should be fine. I mean 300-400 pages at the most, no more 1188 page books.