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I started yoga Monday.

I started private yoga classes on Monday! So far I’m going to the studio, but the instructor said she’d try and find me a home practice. She gave me a bit of a routine to practice at home each day. Next week, she wants to work on sun salutations, for those who don’t know, that’s a sequence of 12 poses put together. I told her I remember doing poses in sequence, but I don’t remember exactly what they were.
Yesterday, mom and I went shopping to get clothes for our upcoming trip. Let’s just say I never want to do that again! Mom was all over my case about everything! I guess by now I should know not to expect anything different.

I guess I’m taking a break from Twitter.

Not an intentional one, but I’ve lost convenient access to Twitter because for some reason, all 3 clients I had installed didn’t want to work. Chicken Nugget was being a huge pain, and kept making me reauthorize accounts. Then there’s TWBlue, which just isn’t wanting to update tweets at all. In a last-ditched attempt to restore some sort of access I installed Tween. Well, unless I run multiple instances of it, it really doesn’t support multiple accounts. This is a problem for someone who has at least 2 Twitter accounts they need to use on a regular basis.
This also means that my half-hearted attempt at Audiomo participation is over for this year. Simply because I was using CN to record with, and then uploading to Sound Upload. I was doing this because Audacity is being an absolute and complete pain in my backside, and not wanting to record anything. I’m going to try to get Twitter working on my laptop tomorrow. I suppose we’ll see what happens then.

Audiomo started yesterday.

I’m participating this year. I’ve decided to start using Soundcloud. So far, it’s worked out well. For now, I’m just going to share the links to my first 2 posts, eventually, I’ll figure out how to embed SoundCloud tracks into WP. I’m sure there’s a plugin that will do it, I just haven’t looked it up yet.
Here’s a link to the post for day 2. In this post I answer a question that a friend of mine also answered this morning.Here’s a link to my post from yesterday. In this post I did what most people do on the first day of Audiomo, I introduced myself. I also gave a bit of an update on what life has been like in the 2 years since I last participated.