Thoughts from today.

I decided I’d post a couple things that have been on my mind today. I probably won’t make a list, as I don’t think there are enough of them. First, I’d like to wish anyone reading this a happy Fourth of July!
As I was listening to the ACB convention today, someone said, “we live in an age of innovation.” I agreed with them, what they were actually saying is something like, “we live in an age of innovation and development when it comes to accessible technology.” Again I agreed with what they were saying. If I were the one making that statement though, I’d probably say that we’re living in an age of liberation. There’s a reason for saying that though, and it’s the fact that so many things are becoming naturally accessible. At the convention each year, we get to hear from companies making accessible TV accessible, either via set top boxes, or the TV itself. We get to hear about Google and Microsoft making operating systems accessible, both things have very good built-in screen readers now. This year at convention, we actually heard from GM, (yeah, the car company!) They want to make driverless cars accessible. All this just means we’ll have more freedom to do more things. Of course, this is provided that one thing doesn’t happen. That’s the fact that legislation decides that driverless cars are unsafe, and companies can’t bring them to market. Of course for me, I hope that won’t happen! I also hope that I’ll be getting a ride share in my city soon. Unfortunately ride sharing services don’t want to come to rural areas like mine, but if they did, it would make a huge difference. All this to say that while we’re living in an age of liberation, there’s still much progress to be made in that direction.
Of course when we talk about liberty, we also must talk about surveillance and privacy. I hope one day to live in a society that’s fully anti-surveillance, unless there’s direct evidence, (not just reasonable suspicion,) of a crime. This brings me to the second subject I’ve been thinking about today, and that’s Lavabit. If you’re following my personal account on Twitter, (@hopeslife83, you’ll know the reason for this is because there’s a new Lavabit website that was just released. Not only that but we should be able to redeem the codes we received when we signed up later this week! This means I’ll finally get my Lavabit email address, (or the more accurate description of things is that I’ll get one for the second time.)

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