Got back Monday.

I was actually planning to stay an extra day, but the relatives I was going to stay with decided to change plans at the last minute. This was extremely annoying, because I had a room reserved and everything! They said they were going to take a longer route home so I’d have to pay for motels an extra 3-4 nights and wouldn’t get back by Tuesday. Well if I didn’t come back by Tuesday, I’d be making Melissa miss hours the next day.
I was able to cancel the room, and the lady at the front desk refunded my money in full, (yay!) I didn’t think they were going to do that but they did. If you’re ever in Vegas, the Best Western on the strip is the best place to stay! Speaking of going back to Vegas, (yeah, I actually want to do it in the summer again,) lol am I crazy, or what? I don’t know, maybe, just maybe.

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