My trip to the dentist.

Lol yeah, I actually broke the longest streak in my life and went to the dentist today. I hadn’t been since 2009. I need 4 extractions, 2 of which are my top wisdom teeth. I also need like 3 root canals. Lol yeah, I said 3. I’m hoping my insurance will authorize sedation so that I can have the teeth pulled all at once.
I really need to brush and floss every day, (lol.) The reason why I didn’t is because I really am not a fan of the taste of toothpaste. Everyone tells me I need to use it so I just don’t brush. The hygienist told me not to use toothpaste, but to use a floride rince instead. She said I could pick either the adult flavor, or the kid’s one, because they both have the same amount of floride.

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