30 random questions.

I found this cool little linkup at The Dogladie’s Den.
It’s been an extremely long time since I’ve done a survey thing like this, so I thought I’d go ahead and participate. Here come 30 questions, and 30 things about me. By the way, I’m going to consider making this a page on this here blog.

  1. What did you want to be when you were a kid? Oh man, so many things! A nurse, a teacher, a figure skater, and a craftor, to name a few.
  2. Which “Friends” character do you relate to the most? Why? Believe it or not, I never watched Friends as a kid, so I really have no idea.
  3. Do you like your name? Why? No, I do not like my legal name! I think I associate it with long lectures from my mother when I was a kid. I do like the sudonym I use online though. “Hope” isn’t my legal name.
  4. Are you messy or neat? Lol, I’m extremely disorganized! This freaks my mom out heh.
  5. How tall are you? 5/4.
  6. How tall were you when you were 10? Hmm, I can’t remember. Maybe around 4/9-4/10? I’m really not sure.
  7. What is your guilty pleasure? I think I like chocolate and candy way, way too much!
  8. What are you saving money for right now? this $2500 affiliate marketing training course! Lol, I’m not sure I’m going to get there anytime soon.
  9. How many Pringles can you eat at once? Probably about half the can. After that it becomes a bit too much.
  10. Tea or coffee? I like both!
  11. Are you an introvert or an extrovert? I consider myself more of an introvert. Although I can be extroverted at times.
  12. What will be your Halloween costume this year? I don’t normally dress up for Halloween.
  13. Sweet or salty? Well, I definitely like both, but I’d say I lean more toward sweet.
  14. Favourite social media? Lol you had to ask me that, did ya? Twitter, Gab.ai, and Reddit.
  15. Who is the last person you kissed? Lol probably my mom.
  16. What is your favourite breakfast? Well I like a lot of things for breakfast. I usually eat cereal and/or poptarts, but I’ve been known to really like breakfast burritos and french toast.
  17. When is your birthday? August 25th.
  18. When did you start your blog? This particular one I started this year, although I have content going back to 2009 from my personal blogs. I actually started blogging in 2003.
  19. What is your opinion on the Kardashians? I couldn’t care less. Seriously, I just don’t care!
  20. How would you describe your style? Lol I don’t really have one when it comes to clothes. I just like what’s comfortable for me. As far as life goes, I consider myself fairly layed back and flexible.
  21. What colour is your hair? Brown.
  22. What colour socks are you wearing? Are you kidding? You think I’m wearing socks right now? No way!
  23. What is your dream job? Airline pilot or Astronaut.
  24. Dogs or cats? Definitely dogs! In fact, my parents said I’m going to have to take the cat back if they end up living in their fifth wheel for a while and I’m like no way, he’ll just go back to the shelter!
  25. What makes you weird? Lol many things. Probably the fact that I talk to myself, out loud on a regular basis. Or maybe it’s the fact that I go to the bathroom with the door open. Lol I live alone, so I can do that.
  26. Celebrity crush? I’ll never admit anything publically! So as far as your concerned, no.
  27. Opinion on cigarettes? It’s up to the person. I mean if you want to smoke, that’s fine with me but it’s a health risk.
  28. Do you want/have children? How many? Not sure, and no.
  29. Three favourite boy names? Seth, Eric, and Darren. The first 2 are from the Bible, the third isn’t. I also like the name Chase.
  30. Three favourite girl names? Well, obviously I like Hope, but I named myself that so yeah. Serine/Serene, and Trinity.

If you want to participate, copy and paste the questions from this page.

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  • Debbie D.

    Thanks for joining the blogfest, Hope. We have a few things in common, such as not liking our names but loving dogs. Cats are cute but so very different – more aloof. It was fun reading your answers and learning more about you. Have a great rest of the summer. Cheers!

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