Seven Quick Takes.

I think I’ve done Seven QT 3-4 times over my blogging life. It’s perfect when you want to write a list of random thoughts but you can’t come up with 13. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve written plenty of these but they’re usually around 5 items. Well today I think I can get to 7 yay!

  1. I can’t wait until Write 31 Days starts! I have my topic, my titles and I’m ready to go. I’ll be revealing the topic here in a couple days.
  2. I’m massively cleaning up my act, diet-wise. I’ve gone from eating lots of sugar, meat and some fruit/veg to eating fruit/veg some meet, and as little sugar I can get away with. As in sugar that isn’t hidden in foods etc. This means trying not to buy as much processed things and way more fresh food. I went shopping on Monday and started that night.
  3. I’m also doing my best to exercise each day during the week. This is hard on headache days, usually because when I have really bad headaches I don’t want to do anything.
  4. For the past couple days, I’ve been dealing with lack of sleep, which in turn causes me to have fairly bad headaches. I think it’s either my sudden radical diet shift, or the changing seasons. My sleep schedule tends to reset twice a year, once in the fall/winter, and once when it starts heating up a bit in spring.
  5. I’m switching from, back to, for my goal setting/tracking site. Yeah I prefer to use a website instead of an app. The 43T devs have pretty much abandoned the site and let spammers take over, not only that but they deleted their FB page and the help page. It isn’t just that though. PopClogs lets you make an unlimited goals list, and well 43Things obviously only lets you list 43. Unfortunately most of the community has gone to 43T though, mainly just for the name. There are no particularly unique features, and it isn’t because we haven’t suggested any.
  6. Prayer request: I need to decide how to rehome a needy, demanding cat that won’t give me any privacy when I’m in the bathroom, and really doesn’t like me to sit here at my desk at all. He’d rather me pet and play with him, (I try to take pet breaks at least 3-5 times a day, a long one in the morning and at night.) Not only that but I spend at least 10 minutes playing with the laser light before I end up in bed. It never seems like enough though because he does this strange thing where he’ll meow and when I call him, not come. He also comes right to the desk every few minutes or so. Oh and get this, if I go to his favorite hangout spot, (my couch,) to pet him, he jumps right off! I lay down and call him but it takes a couple minutes before he comes. Anyway, I’d really like to give him to someone who can stand a needy cat. Please pray that this happens.
  7. Having lack of sleep makes me excited about upcoming events/things I’m looking forward to, or fun goals I’m working on, (yeah I do have some of those.)

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