Write 31 Days starts tomorrow!

yay! I’m really excited even though I have a splitting headache right now lol. My topic is 31 worship songs that I like, and/or mean something to me. Some of them are about 10 years old, some are hymns, and most are probably from the past 6 years or so. I’m going to include videos and lyrics for each song, then write a bit about why I like it and/or why it’s significant. I probably won’t be writing a lot, just 2-5 sentences, lol but who knows though? These 31 day posts have gotten me to write a few treatises before.
I could say I’ll link each post back here, but I’ve never gotten around to that. This is my third time doing Write31Days, but the first time for this blog. What I’ll do is use a category for this series like i’ve done each year. I’ll also put them under the 31 days category, so they should be easy enough to find. I’ll try to make the effort to link posts back to this one, and just hope I do a better job than in the past.

Oh yeah I need to put a picture here so inlinkz finds it.

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