Readathon coming up Saturday!

OK I had a song post all ready to go then I realized I’d already posted about it! Needless to say it isn’t happening tonight as it’s 11:30 here and I’d like to get to bed at some point.
I’m signed up to participate in Dewey’s 24 hour Readathon again, and it’s coming up on Saturday! Last time I definitely had fun reading for 24 hours, but since I didn’t make it to church last Sunday, I’d really like to get back there. I’m getting a couple books, and when they’re both done, I’ll be done reading. I’m thinking that’s going to be 10-12 hours in if I read for an hour then take a break, like last time. I’ll definitely be answering the surveys/challenges as I go along, which means I’ll be blogging a lot on Saturday.
Regarding Write 31 days, I’m going to try to complete as many as I can. Yeah I got behind but I still enjoy posting the songs and they’re usually quick posts to write . Yeah yeah, I should probably plan ahead for Write 31 days next year. I really like writing each day and winging it though. Maybe I’ll write a few just in case I have headaches, am in a hurry like tonight, etc.

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