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System failure.

This morning I woke up and tried to turn my desktop on shortly before my sister arrived for work. It was deciding to live in a pre-screen reader state otherwise known as when I really don’t know what’s happening. I asked my sister to come and do some tech support for me when she got the chance, (she does application support for a living.) She told me that automatic repair was having issues, and it gave her several options. She tried resetting with personal files, and then just resetting everything. It didn’t work though. I thought most likely it needed a reinstall. I asked if she knew how to do one and she said, “I don’t do IT work.”
Melissa came over a couple hours later, and she said she could try the reinstall. I asked if she’d ever done one before and then remember we did one last year on my old system before I sent it off to a friend. I told her it’s pretty much start and wait until it gets done, (in other words nervously waiting.) That’s exactly what we did. Well, I think I was way more nervous! She was afraid it wasn’t going to get done on time so we could install NVDA, which is now my screen reader of choice, (finally!) Thankfully it did get done around 3, and that left her time to be able to go turn in paperwork so she’d get paid for the last couple weeks lol.

Mormon missionaries.

They first came to my door a couple weeks ago. When they said they were going to come back the first time they didn’t, they actually came back tonight just after I was finished with dinner. Unfortunately for me, I let them in this time. Why’d I do that? I managed to ask them some questions that I thought were pretty pointed, (although I wasn’t as penetrating as I should’ve been. They want me to study the book of mormon, and then they’ll come back next Thursday. Sure I’ll study it, lxactly like I’m preparing for an oral argument against it. Mormonism has many things wrong with it, (in my opinion.) They have certain rules they can’t drink coffee, for instance. They also say “we don’t know what heaven is like oh wait… we don’t believe in Heaven.” They believe in 3 kingdoms for everyone, no matter if you’re the most evil person in the world. Oh did I mention hell isn’t one of them? Yeah they don’t believe in that either. They believe there’s a spirit world in between here and the 3 Kingdoms where those who are waiting to be resurrected go. It isn’t exactly purgatory, but it’s their version of it.

Christmas cable.

Lol thanks to my sister, I now have 100 FT of cable running from my desk to my spare room. She came over to string it up last night and I said, “it’s just like putting up Christmas lights.” Fortunately, she was able to tape it to the walls and ceiling instead of running it across the floor. I had strapping tape so that’s what she used. I told her she might want to get something like Garilla tape, but so far everything seems to be holding.
She came to work today, and everything went fine. I was able to stream the morning radio shows I like to listen to, and Melissa was able to vacuum, (although she didn’t vacuum the spare room, as my sister said she would do it.) She said that getting on Skype would probably be fine. When I talked to mom a couple weeks ago, she said it might be a problem. When I asked if she could hear the show I was streaming this morning she said no, which is a good thing. I didn’t have it up extremely loud though either.

My first ever jury summons!

yep, I got one. It took long enough, lol. Unfortunately transportation is a big issue because it’s random and unpredictable. It isn’t like we have rideshare here and I can just hop an Uber whenever I want. We do have public transport here, but the issue with that is I’m not sure if they come clear out to where I live, (despite what my mom says, it’s really out in the boonies!) Not only that, but I can’t exactly cross streets. If we’re talking further away from the courthouse than right near the steps, it’s going to be a problem.
We do have something like paratransit here, but you’re supposed to schedule it 24 hours in advance so that wouldn’t really work. If I’m going to be excused for something like a medical reason, (which I don’t believe this is but OK,) I need to have my doctor fax a note. I’d really like to comply with jury service, as it’s something that fits within my interests.

Getting rid of the cat.

Well trying to get rid of him anyway. I’ve posted on a group for rehoming pets on FB, and put an ad on Craigslist. So far, no one has responded. I’m going to call the shelter on Monday, to see if they’ll send someone to come get him. Melissa won’t take him, (technically she doesn’t have to, but she did go with me to get him.) She doesn’t want to take me to surrender him, because she doesn’t agree with what I’m doing. I had him for 6 months, and my parents had him for a year and a half.
I’m still not a cat person, I never was and never will be! I got him because my brother said cats are great companions, and some cats are. A friend of mine has a cat that’s pretty chill. In other words, she doesn’t mind being by herself, but she also likes her share of attention. My cat constantly wants attention, way more than his fair share. No matter what I do, it never seems like it’s enough.
If I lay on the couch for a few minutes in the morning to pet him, he’ll get up on my chest, then after a couple minutes he gets down. As soon as I get up he meows and cries like a baby because he wants me to pet him again. By then, it’s time to take my meds, figure out whether I’m making tea or coffee, and get on with my day. Unfortunately, he doesn’t see it that way. I’ve been able to distract him some with the long stringy treats from the Friskies pull and play, but it only works for a few minutes, just long enough to start my day.
I know my mom is going to be mad at me, (she’s already told me I shouldn’t have adopted him twice.) There’s nothing I can do about the past now, unfortunately. That’s why I’ve tried Craigslist and Facebook first, to see if I myself could find him a permanent home.

Thoughts on online authenticity.

Today I was watching Senate committee hearings with Facebook, Twitter, and Google. They were testifying about russian ads/propaganda during and after the 2016 election. During the hearing, the point of transparency was emphasized. In other words, we need to know where an ad or story came from, (what country,) and who paid for the ad.
I definitely agree with transparency for political ads. I think we need to make it impossible for foreign entities and/or agencies to buy election ads here in the US. At one point someone brought up authenticity, (I believe they were asking the general counsel of Facebook a question.) I don’t remember the question, and I can’t remember who brought it up either.
Then again maybe it was Twitter’s general counsel, (I really can’t remember!) That made me think of people using social media, (especially Facebook,) to talk about only good things going on in their lives. I really don’t use Facebook enough to speak of, (although I do use messenger from time-to-time.) However, I do use Twitter, (a lot, and I’m starting to reconsider that.) Except for the fact that I’m not tweeting under my real name, (simply because I really don’t like it,) I try to be as authentic as possible. In other words, I try to paint a picture of who I am in real life. Obviously I don’t post private details like my address etc, but I try to post the bad as well as the good.
If I have a bad headache, and the cat’s meowing is getting on my last nerve, I post it. If the cat unrolls a full roll of TP and frustrates me to the point of almost throwing him over the rail of my balcony, I post that too. Last year, when my grandma gave me $1200 to buy the vary computer I’m using right now, I remember tweeting about it. When the SSA put me on DAC and said I was getting an increase of $410, I posted about it on my blog at the time, and tweeted it.
The reality is that I post everything, (again, to a point.) I try to avoid the “I’m having a sandwich for lunch” kind of post, simply because I’ve seen enough of those to know they’re boring. Some people may say I’m “oversharing,” but I think this kind of authentic way of doing things is necessary. It’s needed because a lot of people do believe most things they read. I always try to think for a few seconds after reading something, (and yeah, I do have a long enough attention span to read a whole article.) I try to think about where the article came from, (does the URL look suspicious?) Not only that, but I try to find the original source of something.
I think we do need to be honest and transparent with everything we share/post, and that includes advertising and news stories. I once said that all fake news really is, is inaccurate information, it really doesn’t have anything to do with whether a site is Conservative or Liberal. I still believe that’s the case.