System failure.

This morning I woke up and tried to turn my desktop on shortly before my sister arrived for work. It was deciding to live in a pre-screen reader state otherwise known as when I really don’t know what’s happening. I asked my sister to come and do some tech support for me when she got … [Read more…]

Mormon missionaries.

They first came to my door a couple weeks ago. When they said they were going to come back the first time they didn’t, they actually came back tonight just after I was finished with dinner. Unfortunately for me, I let them in this time. Why’d I do that? I managed to ask them some … [Read more…]

Christmas cable.

Lol thanks to my sister, I now have 100 FT of cable running from my desk to my spare room. She came over to string it up last night and I said, “it’s just like putting up Christmas lights.” Fortunately, she was able to tape it to the walls and ceiling instead of running it … [Read more…]

My first ever jury summons!

yep, I got one. It took long enough, lol. Unfortunately transportation is a big issue because it’s random and unpredictable. It isn’t like we have rideshare here and I can just hop an Uber whenever I want. We do have public transport here, but the issue with that is I’m not sure if they come … [Read more…]

Getting rid of the cat.

Well trying to get rid of him anyway. I’ve posted on a group for rehoming pets on FB, and put an ad on Craigslist. So far, no one has responded. I’m going to call the shelter on Monday, to see if they’ll send someone to come get him. Melissa won’t take him, (technically she doesn’t … [Read more…]