My first ever jury summons!

yep, I got one. It took long enough, lol. Unfortunately transportation is a big issue because it’s random and unpredictable. It isn’t like we have rideshare here and I can just hop an Uber whenever I want. We do have public transport here, but the issue with that is I’m not sure if they come clear out to where I live, (despite what my mom says, it’s really out in the boonies!) Not only that, but I can’t exactly cross streets. If we’re talking further away from the courthouse than right near the steps, it’s going to be a problem.
We do have something like paratransit here, but you’re supposed to schedule it 24 hours in advance so that wouldn’t really work. If I’m going to be excused for something like a medical reason, (which I don’t believe this is but OK,) I need to have my doctor fax a note. I’d really like to comply with jury service, as it’s something that fits within my interests.

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