Mormon missionaries.

They first came to my door a couple weeks ago. When they said they were going to come back the first time they didn’t, they actually came back tonight just after I was finished with dinner. Unfortunately for me, I let them in this time. Why’d I do that? I managed to ask them some questions that I thought were pretty pointed, (although I wasn’t as penetrating as I should’ve been. They want me to study the book of mormon, and then they’ll come back next Thursday. Sure I’ll study it, lxactly like I’m preparing for an oral argument against it. Mormonism has many things wrong with it, (in my opinion.) They have certain rules they can’t drink coffee, for instance. They also say “we don’t know what heaven is like oh wait… we don’t believe in Heaven.” They believe in 3 kingdoms for everyone, no matter if you’re the most evil person in the world. Oh did I mention hell isn’t one of them? Yeah they don’t believe in that either. They believe there’s a spirit world in between here and the 3 Kingdoms where those who are waiting to be resurrected go. It isn’t exactly purgatory, but it’s their version of it.

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