Merry Christmas from me!

I just want to wish anyone who might be reading a Merry Christmas! We won’t start opening presents until my family gets here later today. No, I have no idea what time that will be because they won’t tell me. Unfortunately I have quite the headache today so it will be interesting with 3 kids … [Read more…]

My CCC survival pack is on it’s way!

Yay! I got an epic bpackage from and it will be here tomorrow. This is bad because my sister will probably be here when it gets here not cool! Lol I tend to want to keep these things classified and private. Anyway, here’s what’s in my package. Cocoa Cappuccino Cordials Yogurt Malted Milk Balls … [Read more…]

Stuff happend this month.

Oh yeah, yep it did. For one I’m still on jury duty! I haven’t had to go in yet but if i do, I’m hoping it will be next week, not the week after. This is because I’d really not like to go in while CCC is happening and I’m getting up at 2:15 in … [Read more…]