Stuff happend this month.

Oh yeah, yep it did. For one I’m still on jury duty! I haven’t had to go in yet but if i do, I’m hoping it will be next week, not the week after. This is because I’d really not like to go in while CCC is happening and I’m getting up at 2:15 in the morning,! Speaking of CCC, I’ve started lecture planning, which is a good thing! I actually started yesterday even though I had a raging headache both yesterday and today.
For those reading my blog for the first time and are like what the heck is CCC? Well it stands for Chaos Communication Congress, and I call it my 4-day sanctum after Christmas, which is definitely the time of year to cause me to need one lol. We have a lot of drama in our family surrounding Christmas, so I definitely need a break without interruption. Unfortunately that won’t happen this year, since my sister is still working here, and it starts on a Wednesday and ends on Saturday. This means Melissa will be here for 2 days out of the whole thing. OK that’s fine, but I agreed to take her out to lunch for her birthday so I have to not plan late lectures one day, which I’ve already done for day 1.

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