This was a week!

Yep, yep it was. With the exception of lack of sleep the night before, everything started out normal Monday. I also didn’t sleep Monday night. The next day, I got up and couldn’t walk anywhere without falling. I was nauseaseous and throwing up. I had a feaver and a really, really bad headache. I also had low blood pressure that got deathly low at times. Of course I didn’t know about the extremely low blood pressure until I took the ambulance to the hospital. They also said I was septic when I came in. That was my first ambulance ride and it was quite cool, but something I’d not like to do again. I ended up staying in the hospital until Thursday. The first day, they put me on so many steroids I never slept. The next night I had a major panic attack because there was some congestion and wheezing. It took 10 MG of Ambien to get me to sleep, but I finally did until 10 the next morning.

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